Lightweight tents (bivy tents)


We wanted to give an overview of lightweight tents. We have found a selection of one, two and three person tents from top manufacturers like: Mountain Hardwear, Mountain Equipment, Hilleberg, MSR, Black Diamond among others.
With a lightweight tent for one or two persons you can use the tent just as much as a bivy tent, instead of carrying an even emergency bivy for protection in harsh conditions. Some of the tents also have an additional vestibule that is possible to buy separate. So when you need extra storage space, just bring the vestibule. But if you are into ultra light tents, just drop it at home, and you will keep the weight just close to 1 kg for the tent setup.


With a tent that is easy to set up, you can even take a lunch break in your tent before you continue the trip. We have not tested all of the tents, but we have tested the Mountain Equipment Direkt 2 tent. Which we think is just faboulus, that is very lightweight, easy to set up (when you get the correct technique after a few tests) and it is also a four season tent that can be used in winter.


For your convenience we wanted to gather other tents in the same category as Mountain Equipment Direct 2 ultra light tent, and the Black Diamond Firstlight and HighLight tent.


The products are collected from top online retailers. For international non US buyers we recommend Campsaver, since they are the only retailer we have come upon that has free international shipping. That is for certain size of the shopping basket. But when buying a tent you should anyway get close to that limit.