• Date: Nov 2013

Watch this wing suit stunt from Oppdrag Sognefjorden. Jokke Sommer and Tom Erik Heimen in 200 km/h (124 mph).






Jokke Sommer and Tom Erik Heimen´s flyby from Oppdrag Sognefjorden

In 2011 the series Oppdrag Sognefjorden aired at the Norwegian channel NRK. The series followed some of the best Norwegian extremesport athletes. For some weeks they lived on the boat Fjordvisjon and traveled on Sognefjorden to look for locations for performing stunts and skiing new untouched lines. The athletes represented a wide variety of genres, freeskiing, base jumping, jibing and wing suit.


The series most spectacular scenes came on the birthday of base jumper Karina Hollekim. Karina had an accident earlier on craching on the ground when the parachute would not release, in 100 km/hours (60 mph). In the series she is going to take her first turns on ski since the accident. She refused the doctors guesses on her chanses to ever walk again, fighting for her way back.


The stunt on her birthday was performed by norwegian base jumpers Tom Erik Heimen and Jokke Sommer. Just watch en enjoy, the pictures will speak for themselves.



Oppdrag Sognefjorden Flyby from Flash Studio on Vimeo.


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