• Date: Apr 2014

Read our Mountain Hardwear Direkt 2 Review. The ultralight tent lives up to its promise.






Mountain Hardwear Direkt 2 Review

The Mountain Hardwear Direkt 2 is a great lightweigh tent. It is easy and fast to set up alone, after a few rounds with practice. As a one person tent you fit your backpack just next to a Exped SynMat 9 LW. The SynMat fits perfectly in the tent and it utilizes the full length of the tent. We would say it is a no go for two persons and gear, even though we have not tried. Then you´ll atleast need to find two sleeping pads that togehter fill the floor of the tent.


The size of the tent packed is extremely small, it is smaller than the Exped Synmat 9 when it is packed.


We have used the tent as an buivy as it is even lighter than emergency buivys for two persons. Just add the tent to the backpack whenever you go for a longer hike, and you´ll be safe from unexpexted bad weather or injuries.


The tent is even very stable in high wind conditions, it is a bit harder to set up, but once it is up and you are using all the possible pegs and gives it a bit air to flow in, it is super stable. But for waterproofness it is not so very good. If it is raining it will get wet through and the water will go to the corners if they are below the rest of the tent floor. So keep that in mind when choosing the camp site. But when it is windy the leward side will be almost dry, and it wil be dripping a bit on the other side. The workaround is to put the sleeping bag footside on the windy side and keep it inside a drybag.


Mountain Hardwear Direkt 2 - Set up the tent


The poles fit very tight to the pole clips. We found that it was easier to click the poles from the outside, into the inner clips, and then raise the tent from the outside. The tent is created with the intention that you can set it up completely from the inside, in case you are on a cliff with no space to go around. But with the space to go around, our experience is that setting it up from the outside is easier. It is also easier to click the poles into the clips at the door, witout trying to fit it to the velcro at the same time. Just fit the pole and then slide the tentfabric around the pole, to fit it to the velcros. And close by closing all the velcros.


Conclusion Direkt 2 Review


The conclusion from our review is that the tent is so light that you will choose to bring it for general hiking without staying overnight as well as for hiking trips to stay overnight. We have tested to eat lunch in it in bad weather, it is super convenient because it is so easy to set up and bring down. Becuse of the size it is also very easy to hang for drying at home. The floor is big enough for one person and a LW Exped sleeping pad, wich will give you the needed comfort. If it is rainding a lot and with wind at the same time it will be drops of water also on the inside of the tent.


Reasons for buying another tent would be to have a mosquito net in the opening, to allow to enjoy a view without sharing the view with all the mosquitos around. But again that will add weight and pack size.


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The Ueli Steck Project - Direkt 2 Tent from Mountain Hardwear Europe on Vimeo.

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