• Date: Aug 2014

We keep a list of the different Norwegian outdoor brands. Check out for some classical Norwegian brands.






We have sorted the list in different categories, we repeat those that appear in more than one category.



For freeride skis and backcountry skis we have Prog Skis and Evi Skis are both developed at the same factory, handcrafted at a fabric on a farm in Norway. An alternative to the big brands, their idea is to have custom skis. Åsnes also sells wide skis intended for backcountry skiing either with Telemark or Dynafit bindings. Åsnes is also big in Norway on cross country oriented backcountry skis, with narrower width and BC or 75 mm binding. SGN creates super cool alpine touring skis from the heart of Sogn and Fjordane.


Waterproof outdoor gear (like Gore-Tex, Dri and Dermizax)

Norrona and Bergans are the backbones of the Norwegian outdoor brands. Founded in 1928 and 1908 thay have been around both for almost a century. Today they have fresh looking clothing, the newest technology and a wide range of gear like wool base layers, mid layers and all kind of gear needed on the body or in your back pack when moving outdoor. They both also have separate freeride lines like Hodlekve from Bergans and Narvik and Lyngen from Norrøna. Helly Hansen has also been creating waterproof gear for decades, and has a variety of products in this segment. Missing Link is also norwegian and they have been producing Gore-Tex outerwear for many years.


Later in the 20th centry Sweet Protection has joined this category with Gore-Tex wear for the active style freeski or freeride skier. Stormberg has built their brand on selling cheaper, but with the quality needed for Average Joe when doing outdoor activeties.


Cross country apparel

Swix is the giant in this market, having been the Norweigian cross country national skiing team main sponsor for years. Recently in 2014 Bjørn Dæhlie has taken over that contract, an now acts as the team apparel sponsor for the Norwegian cross country skiing team. Madshus also delivers some gear. So does the brand Trimtex do, initialy specialized into orienteering, but now offering customized design gear both for cross country and cyckling. Åsnes on the other hand has a collection more in a classical style with cotton anoraks and knickers. Åsnes is sponsoring Norwegian adventurer Aleksander Gamme. Johaug by Therese Johag produces cross country skiing gloves.



Sandnes close to Stavanger has a strong tradition for producing cyckles. DBS is no longer produced in Norway, but still a Norwegian brand. Two new minor cyckling brand have started up in the old DBS production facilities Nor bickycles (mens) and GLOW (womens). Diamant is also a brand founded in Norway producing bicyckles, hand has a relatively good market share. Vipera bikes are produced for Norwegain conditions, and is another Norwegian brand. Hard Rocx has been a successful mtb bike brand for several years, even though not everybody knows it is a Norwegian brand.


Alpine, freeride & freeski apparel

Sweet Protection is probably the biggest brand in this segment. Building their way to peoples hearts through excelent designed helments, and then constantly extending the clothing collection before every season. Sabotage (former SB) is a more freeski oriented brand with a more and only urban styled collection. Bula has been the sponsor of the Norwegian freestyle ski team and the main sponsor for any freestyle World Cup events held at Voss Norway. Kari Traa is the corresponsing womens brand to Bula, although they are not mostly assosiated with freesking, more with wool base layers. Buth they as Sweet have extended their collection to different material base layers, jackets and pants. Helly Hansen is also worth mentioned in the freeride segment. Norwegian brand Kjus is a aplipne skiing specielized brand with high price segment technical skiing apparel.



For shoes there is Viking footwear. They have a low profile Gore-Tex hiking boot sold in the Salomon segment for activities outdoor. Alpina is a cross country boot that has models from kids boots to arctic expedition boots.


Wool and base layers

The market for base layers made of merino wool has been big in Norway over the last couple of years, even the last ten years. Brands both with long traditions like Devold serve in this market. Vegard Ullvang started with wool socks after he ended his skiing career, and now he also have a line of base layer, middle layers of wool wear. As mentioned also Kari Tra and bula have a good share of their products in the base layer category. But also Bergans and Norrøna has a lot of different base layer models. So do cross country brands like Bjørn Dælie, Madshus and Swix. If you count hipsters and boxers in the base layer gear, House of Hygge can also be mentioned in this category. And last the base layer type of Brynje of Norway is preferred for it light weight still good insulation. Helly Hansen is also a big contributer to technical base layer both in wool and synthetic fabrics. Aclima is big on wool base layers. Tufte came into the market focusing on bambus clothing, T-shirts, boxers and socks.



House of Hygge started their brand with the "slake line" gear sets. In addition there are two large kayak brands with Norwegian roots: Hasle and Seabird Designs. Both with quite a variety of kayak models. Bergans has the Ally portable canoe in their portfolio, and Fjellpulken has been around for years serving arctic expedition and easter tourists for decades. Rottefella had for several years in the late 90´s almost monopoly on Telemark bindings. Nanok produces sleeping bags. So does the norwegian brand Helsport, they are big on sleeping bags and tents, but also have expedition gear like thick down jackets.



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