• Date: Aug 2014

Norwegian ski helmet: The complete collection 2014 / 2015. See the Sweet Protection helmets at topputstyr.com.






Norwegian ski helmet is born


The Norwegians ski helmet producer Sweet Protection was established in 2000 in the mountain village Trysil in Norway. Their helmet have fresh design, excellent quality and tiny details are taken care of. Their first move was to get Norwegian snowboarder Terje Håkonsen onboard the team. Today the Norwegian ski helmet brand has the biggest Norwegian names within freeski, alpine skiing and snowboarding on thier team.


Buy Sweet International

Blue tomato has the following sweet products that they ship interntational.


Sweet Protection Rambler


The Rambler is a norwegian ski helmet developed mainly for parks. It weighs 600 gram in size M/L. Sweet says the helmet offers "solid performance in a comfortable fit". The 2014 /2015 collection has four variants: Satin white, dirt black, snow camo and light blue.


Sweet Protection Rambler Kids


Sweet Protection have a kids line for the rambler helmet. It has two variants: Shock orange and shock pink. It comes in sizes S/M (53 - 53 cm) and M/L (56/59 cm). The only difference from the adult version is that the adult version has Coolmax liner, while the kids version doesn´t.


Sweet Protection Igniter


The Sweet Protection Igniter is an all-round helmet. Lightweight with only 480 gram in size M/L. It is said to be most all-mountain and backcountry/freeride, but it is also suitable to use in the park. The helmet is highly ventilated with 26 vents, which makes it a good choice for backcountry skiing. the helmet comes in the following variants: Satin white, dirt black, metallic gray (team edition Aleksander Aurdal), gun metal blue, pearl white, apple green and shock orange.


Sweet Protection Igniter MIPS


The Sweet Protection Igniter MIPS is the same helmet as the normal Igniter, but it has MIPS technology for even better protection. MIPS is a standard for both cyckling and skiing helmets, to give the best protection available with a technology that reduces the rotational forces. The variants for the Igniter MIPS are: Gloss black and gloss white.


Sweet Protection Igniter Alpiniste


The Igniter alpiniste is the only helmet in the collection developed for ski mountaineering. The helmet has an attachment point for headlamp, which comes handy when skiing in the dark.Sweet says it is designed to meet the demands of professional mountain guides and is also a helmet for big mountain touring trips. It also has a special technology that the other helments in the collection dosn´t have: CDIP (Composite Drop Impact Shell) that protects against falling equpment, ice and rocks. It meets CE EN standards both for mountaineering and ski & snowboard (CE EN 1077:2007 - Class B and CE EN 12492:2012)


Sweet Protection Grimnir


The Grimnir is one of the ultimate freeride helmets in the collection, together with the Trooper. Legendary Norwegian snowboarder Terje Håkonsen has his team model in the Sweet Grimnir. Key points for this helmet is lightweight, low volume design and high protection with MIPS. It has hidden inserts to attach a GoPro or Contour action camera and has included camera mounts. The variants are: Natural carbon and snow camo (Terje Håkonsen team model). The weight is 500 g in M/L.


Sweet Protection Trooper


The Trooper has been with Sweet Protection for quite a while now. It has already won Honours Award for Design Excellence from Norwegian Design Concil. It is categorized as a freeride and backcountry skiing by Sweet, but it is also suitable for all-moutain and park. It weighs 650 g in M/L which makes it slightly heavier than some of the other models like Grimnir and Igniter. The variants are as following: Gloss white, dirt black, sassy green, shock orange and battle grey ( Åsmund Thorsen team model).


Sweet Protection Trooper MIPS


The MIPS version of trooper is gloss white, with some yellow and red details to stick out from the normal Trooper. In the 2013 /2014 season it was worn by Norwegian slalom athlete Henrik Kristoffersen, the youngest Norwegian alpine WC winner. In Schladming in January 2014 he took the first Norwegian WC victory in 10 years. Still the Trooper MIS is a freeride and backcountry skiing helmet. The helmet weighs 680 g in M/L.


Sweet Protection Rooster


The Rooster is by Sweet told to be the legend, their first model to go to market. They have two LE models with has italian leather on the ear pads which the normal models doesn´t have. It is an all-mountain helmet, and is lighter than the Trooper with 500 g in M/L. The variants are as following: Gloss white, dirt black, gunmetal blue, natural carbon (LE), wild violet (LE).


Sweet Protection Rooster Discesa RS


The only true racing helmet in the collection. Worn by Aksel Lund Svindal in WC 2014 / 2015, meeting FIS standards for alpine skiing helmets. It is hand crafted and uses some of the same carbon fiber technology as in F1 racing. It weights 600 g in M/L, and har removable ear pads for emergency situations. The most advanced helmet in the Sweet collection also has MIPS technology.


Our recomendation


Our experience is that a Trooper can fit some heads better, while it is probably also vice verca against the Rooster. By fit we mean that one model in the same size would allow more wind to get in between the head and the ears, meaning you would get cold without a hat underneath. And also without putting preasure on the forehead at the same time. So trying on is key to get the perfect fit helmet.



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