• Date: Jan 2015

I decided to start with winter kayaking, and therefore needed some good neoprene gloves.






I have ordered neoprene gloves online before without luck. So this time I tested them in store before. But the main problem with the previous ones was that they had 5 mm of neoprene and that is way to thick to keep up handling and
avoid having to struggle to hold anything for longer periods. Like hauling a sail in windsurfing and holding the boom.


The NRS Maveric are only 2 mm and they have slightly bent fingers so the grip was no issue this time. I bought one size bigger than what I could have had just to make sure they were not too tight and would cause my hands to get work ot just by holding the paddle. I now also have place for a liner if needed.


The result is anyhow that I have kept warm in around freeze and there has been no worn out hands, the grip is good and they are to no hinder with the paddling.The cuffs seals off, so that no water get inside the glove.

Conclusion: Very satisfied with this buy. These gloves will be used a lot.



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