• Date: Dec 2013

We have tested the Sweet Protection Trooper helmet, here is our review. Read our review of this lightweight cool helmet.






Sweet Protection Trooper Review


When buying a skiing helmet you look for a few qualities: Safety, design, quality and fit.
The Sweet Protection Trooper helmet has been on the market for a while, and in Norway where we are, it has been the helmet for both resort skiers, freeriders and people spending most time in the park.


Now as Aksel Lund Svindal has joined the Sweet team in the alpine world cup, you should look no longer for a helmet, if you want to be among the coolest in the skiing resort or backcountry.




The helmets are certified according to the European CE EN1077 class B standard for skiing and snowboard helmets. The helmets have then been tested against puncture and impact to be able to meet the standard.




I love the clean and elegant, still cool design of the trooper helmet. Especially the white model with black details is a nice one.The Sweet Protection trooper looks a bit more bad ass than the Rooster model, probably why it has been popular also among jibers.




Our review of Sweet Protection Trooper helmet is based on a use of it for a couple of seasons. The helmet still look shiny and new, after being worn a lot. If you take good care of it and store it in the helmet bag it comes with, you will manage to keep it scratch free and will have a helmet for many years. The parts used in the helmet seems to be of good quality, and the helmet is easy to adjust.


Comfort and fit


The Sweet helmet feels comfortable on. No pressure on ears or any other parts of the head. For this helmet the fit, at least to my head, is good. It is also very lightweight so it doesn't make you uncomfortable wearing a helmet compared to wearing a beanie.


The Brand


Sweet Protection was established in 2000 and is a Norwegian brand with headquaters in Trysil. Trysil is a ski resort destination in the eastern part of Norway. The Sweet Troper in our review, is made of enthusiasts for enthusiasts.


Sweet Protection Team Riders






Initially I was going to buy the Rooster model, but after trying on both the Sweet Protection Trooper and the Sweet Protection Rooster, the trooper had a better fit to my head. That meaning that less air would flow into the helmet around the ears. This is an advantage if you plan to use the helmet without anything underneath, and of course want to stay warm.


Aksel Lund Svindal Helmet


Aksel Lund Svindal uses the Sweet Protection Rooster Corsa model. So if you want to be just as cool as him, you have to put in some cash to get this neat and cool racing helmet made with Formula 1 technology.


Buy Sweet Protection helmets online


We have confirmed that Europe based Blue Tomato ships to US.
blue-tomato.com - Sweet Protection Helmets


Buy Sweet Protection Online


blue-tomato.com - Sweet Protection
outnorth.com - Sweet Protection

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