• Date: Jul 2014

The swix carbon pants are great for a variety of usage, even though they are cross country skiing pants.






Swix Carbon Pants Test

We have been testing the carbon pants for a while now. Mostly we have used them for cycling in lower temperatures, but also for hiking, downhill mtb, casual and cross country skiing.
Two things that are great abot these pants: The low weight and the wind shield at the front of the pants. The wind protection in these Swix pants is what makes them a good option for all these different sports.


For cycling it is wide enough to have a baselayer and a cycling tight underneath. For hiking they is so light and packs so small, that thay can be just packed in the backpack for extra wind protection on warmer days.
They of course also work good for running, on the back of the pants it is stretch so it is comfortable to wear for running as well. Even though it gets wet, it does not get that heavy because of the special materials used.


We have as mentioned used it for downhill cycling. We then saw that the durability was a minus on these pants, as we had managed to wear off a little part of the front fabric. On the upside still the wind protection was ok.
We have tested the mens pants, and believe that these works fine as a unisex style pants. Another minus would be for hiking in high wind conditions, as the back of the pant is not wind prtected, you can get cold if it is low temperature and a lot of wind.



We recommend the the Swix carbon pants becuase they are better at cycling than other cycling specific pants, and works better at hinking in certain conditions, than hinking specific pants. It is light and packs small, so that is the three thing we like most abot these pants.


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