• Date: Feb 2014

So the Olympics is over, but you can still get the cool Phenix gear in the Norway Sochi collection.






The popularity of the team Norway knitted Phenix beanie was overwhelming during the Olympics. The online store Plaza Sport with license on the Phenix Sochi Norway collection, sold out a lot of products. They could not deliver enough of the light blue beanie that everybody wanted. We think the dark blue headband is just as cool as the Norway beanie, so check that out before it is too late.


The Norway Olympic collection can be found at Plaza Sport: Sochi Team Norway Olympic Phenix Collection .


Zalando have had the Odlo biathlon olympic collection and biathlon apparel with sweaters, jackets and beanies.


Our top 10 Norwegain Sochi moments


  • 1. Ole Einar Bjørndalen - The legend completed it with such style.
  • 2. Slopestyle Ståle Sandbech - What an amazing entertaining competition. It has come to stay in the Olympics.
  • 3. 30 km Wommen´s cross country skiing with Marit Bjørgen first, Therese Johaug second and Kristin Størmer Steira third
  • 4. Kjetil Jansruds two medals - Returning after so much hard work.
  • 5. Henrik Kristoffersen - Historic to be the youngest alpine skiing medalist in the Olympics. We´ll see more of him.
  • 6. Team Norway´s gold in Nordic combined
  • 7. Slopestyle - Andreas Håtveit so happy for finishing fourth and rounding off his career
  • 8. Marit Bjørgen´s three golds
  • 9. Ole Wigen Hattestads gold in Men´s sprint
  • 10. Heidi Wengs bronze medal ceremony


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