• Date: Nov 2013

Looking for a Völkl Aura Review? Get our experience and read the review of the versatile Völkl Aura we have tested for four seasons.






Völkl Aura Review


I bought my pair of Völkl Aura back in 2009. That was before the tip rocker was introduced. I have a setup with Marker Baron binding and Black Diamond Factor 130 boots. I have used the Völkl Aura for both alpine touring, in piste and off piste.


In piste review


I would say I use the Völkl Aura 40 % off piste and 60 % in piste. Before the Völkl Aura I hade a more piste oriented Atomic 9.18, with much more narrow mid ski. The reason for bying Völkl Aura was that I wanted a more versatile ski, that I could use both off piste, as an AT ski and in the slopes. I feel 100 % in control using the skis in slope, it feels responsive, good edge grip and can also be used in high speed without the tip starting to "shiver". For my type of piste skiing the radius is good, I would not recommend to go much higher in radius than 22 if you will use it in slopes as well. The Völkl Aura has become a bit wider since 2009 and also with some higher radius, meaning it is more freeride oriented than earlier.


Off Piste Review


After I bought the Völkl Aura I drastically improved my off piste skiing. For deep powder (50 cm/19.6 inches or more) they are a bit narrow especially if you have them around 8-10 cm (3.1-3.9 inches) shorter than yourself. I actually got mine burried under snow during skiing and the binding released. The snow was so deep that I for a second thought that I might loose the ski. What happens in deep (at least deep heavy snow) is that the speed decrase so you would need to have steeper terrain to have certain amount of speed. But for all other powder conditions ( I normaly just experience 1 - 2 days of reeally deep powder where I live) they are quite fun and more than wide enough. Easy carving off piste, for light 15-30 cm (5.9 - 11.8 inches) powder they just cruise down. Now with the rocker as well I believe the new models perform even better off piste than mine does. Having them 8-10 cm(3.1-3.9 inches) shorter means that you will have good control for short turns off piste as well, which is important when skiing in the woods.


I have a pair of Völkl Shiro super wide powder skis as well, for the depest powder days. Still I use the Aura 9 out of 10 days as there is really more often Völkl Aura days where I live.
While the Shiro loves big open powder terrain the Aura feels more versatile and also likes on and off piste terrain, woods, open terrain and technical terrain would be no problem.


Alpine Touring Völkl Aura Review


With my Marker Baron/Black Diamond Factor setup the weight is about 11 kg. This means that they (you) love most when you take the lift part of the way up, or If you are in great physical condition you won't mind the weight. Still I have used them also quite much off piste on smaller trips. It gives then also great exercise. The way down they are excellent and as you use these also in slopes, you know them well and can ski your best with 100% trust in how the equipment will perform.


I would however buy the lighter AT bindings from Marker Tour F10/F12 if you are going to use them for some alpine touring. This will save you some weight. Those bindings were not on the market in 2009.


If you are new to AT Völkl Aura would also bee a good choice as you can try alpine touring with your "normal" skis. If you love it very much and want to go for higher altitudes or longer day trips you could buy a lighter specialized ski later. Völkl has a ski called Nanuq that has the same Aura dimensions, but is lighter and meant for freeride touring.


Conclusion Völkl Aura Review


I love my Völkl Aura so much that I would consider to buy again the same model when I buy my next freeride/allmountain ski. Actually it has given me a very pro Völkl experience, so I have bought both my powder ski Völkl Shiro and my lightweight Völkl Amaruq for alpine touring.


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